Responsibilities….. Headmaster (principal), School owner, University Professor, Lecturer, Teacher, Marketing bringing foreign students to China, student improvement, student visas worldwide placement of pupils of ages from 16 to 30 years old. Designing better learning techniques, traveling to various universities and colleges worldwide, to promote and recruit students. Writing and designing of curriculum for all ages, collecting and developing of information for projects. Holding various training programs for enhancement of staff, and organizing resources from around the world to improve the quality of teaching. General admin and management, hiring and firing of staff.


Have been responsible for opening several branches of G.C.D.F. around the world, headquartered in London. Wrote several texts for schools around the World. Designed examinations for various school topics. The project schemes that I have designed have had great success and have been successfully performed and had remarkable achievement. I am highly considered in my field and I am always warmly welcomed by overseas companies. Because of my vast experience in this field.


I speak write and comprehend several languages, have written curriculum for Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Britain, France, Singapore, Taiwan and of late China. I have an international prospective and have cooperated with American and other worldwide  institutions for years.  A caring and outgoing personality. Lived in the far east since my twenties, so although I am English most of my life I have been with Oriental people .Which has greatly influenced my way of thinking, it would be true to say I am like no other Westerner you are likely to meet, in a nice way of course.


  • Curriculum Writing
  • Leadership