About Me:

Date of birth: 1990
Marital status: Married – Children: 0
Address: Maracay, Aragua, Venezuela.
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and accreditations:

Integrity, resilience, multicultural sensitivity, adaptability, patience, responsibility, creativity,
teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, building relationships, empathy, and willingness to learn.


  • Great Language teaching/learning/researching skills.
  • Excellent written, verbal, and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Background in sales, management and customer service experience.
  • Online socialization and ICT competence.
  • Perfect Spanish grammar and English pronunciation.
  • Excellent knowledge on Thai Yoga Massage, meditation, relaxation techniques, Nutrition and Naturism.

§ General Manager & Teacher Trainer in Bravo Lingua, C.A. (August 2015 – Today)
Description: Head of the company in Venezuela. Teacher trainer and elite Spanish Teacher.
Teachers recruitment and motivation. Language Coaching, strategic management, budgeting, and business administration.

§ Director (e) at ASOCIM, Modern Languages Academy (November 2015 – Today)
Description: Leading all the processes of a regular language institution and Head of the Coordinators Team.

§ English teacher for teenagers for the US Embassy – Aldeas SOS English Program (Sept 2015 – Jul 2016)
Description: Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Young Learners. Lesson planning, enhancement activities, special immersion activities, academic reports, problem solving among students, students motivation.

§ English Teacher for the Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador.
Description: EFL Teacher for the Informatics Department, focusing on reading comprehension techniques for undergraduate students, during the regular 2016-I semester.

§ Academic Coordinator for “Spanish Connector” (May 2014 – July 2015)
Description: Coordination of all academic activities and supervision of the Teachers Staff. Academic Project Developer related to SFE/SSL e-learning, corporate plans, students recruitment, and executive assistance.

§ Spanish Tutor for “Spanish Connector” (April 2014 – May 2015)
Description: Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (SFE) and Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) via web conferencing for English speakers around the world. Academic program designer, Spanish for Specific Purposes (EFE in Spanish), materials/curricula development, and academic content production.

§ Language Coordinator for ASOCIM (December 2012 – April 2014).
Description: General Coordination of Modern Language Courses and Instrumental English Courses at the ‘Caribbean International University – Turmero’. Materials design for Instrumental English courses, teachers recruitment, payment and billing, social networks management, designing strategies for continuous improvement of academic and working environment, designing customized programs for online English courses, customer service, corporate mailing.

§ Instrumental English Teacher for the “Caribbean International University” – ASOCIM. (2013 – 2015).
Description: Instrumental English Teacher in the fields of Law and International Affairs, Foreign Trade and Business Management the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate Programs.
+58 (416) 437 9533

§ English Teacher (EFL) for ASOCIM – Modern Languages Academy. (2011 – 2012).
Description: teaching English with a communicative approach to young learners (EYL) and adults for A1, A2, B1 & B2 learners.

§ English Teacher for the Public High school ‘Creación Peñón de Gabante’. (Feb 2010, Sept 2011)
Description: in charge of the English subject, related to the Communication, Culture, and Language Component, from the 11th
year to the 16th year of secondary education.

§ Volunteer Translator for ‘The Zeitgeist Movement’, chapter Venezuela (2010-2013).
Description: Video and article translations (English-Spanish) in the fields of economy and technology and renewable energies.
Simultaneous translation, writing and proofreading, online events planner.

§ Yoga Instructor for ‘Sadhana Yoga’ (Mar 2013 – Sept 2014), ‘Ashram number 1 of the ‘Great Universal Brotherhood’

(Sept 2013 – Mar 2014), ‘Allegro Kindergarden’(Jan 2014 – Apr 2014 ), Dance Academy ‘A Todo Ritmo, Venezuela’, ‘Fufu Gym, Maracay’ (Apr 2014 – now).
Description: Psychophysics Gymnastics and Hatha Yoga Instructor to students from over 4 years old, mostly adults, individual,
group, and in-company classes and workshops; breathing, concentration, coordination, meditation, strength, flexural-elasticity,
balance, and stability exercises.

§ Stock Keeper for the IVECO authorized dealer, “Representaciones HAYDEVENCA” (2009 – 2011)
Description: Reception, storing, and controlling the admission and packing of truck parts; customer service, billing, and call

· SIT TESOL Certificate Course, a program of World Learning, offered at Centro Espiral Mana, Costa Rica, (September 2016)
· Diploma in Business Management Skills (University Bicentenaria of Aragua – 2016)
· Fourth semesters in a bachelor’s as a Music Professor (Pedagogical University of Venezuela – 2014)
· English Professor at the Pedagogical University of Maracay, (Pedagogical University of Venezuela – 2014)
· Yoga Instructor – Advanced Course in the Science of Yoga, Ashram number 1 of the Great Universal Brotherhood and the American-Caribbean Study Center (FUNDACELAC) (University of Carabobo – 2013).
· Basic Course in EFL (+180hours), scoring A+ (The Language College, Venezuela – 2007)
· Secondary education in Business Management, with a major in Data Processing in the private high school ‘Jacob Perez Carballo’, ‘Fe y Alegría’ (Venezuela – 2006).

· Diploma – Supreme Council of the ‘Great Universal Brotherhood’ for an outstanding, valuable collaboration in extracurricular activities.
· Talentum Award 2011– Delivered annually only to 30 students among the entire population of the ‘Pedagogical University of Maracay’, for an outstanding dedication to academic and extra-curricular activities.
· Acknowledgement – Yasibit Hermoso Experimental Belly Dance Academy, for and excellent participation as a Yoga Instructor in the First Intensive Workshop of Danza Consciente.

· SIT TESOL Certificate Course, offered through Centro Espiral Mana, Costa Rica (September 2016)
· Facilitator of the English Program for Teenagers, by the US Embassy (292 hours, 2014-2016)
· Facilitator of the Workshop English Phonetics, The Science of Pronunciation, by ASOCIM (2016)
· Coordinator of the English Immersion Camp, by the US Embassy and Aldeas Infantiles SOS (32 hours, 2016)
· Participant – International Congress of Yoga-2016, by the Great Universal Brotherhood and the Embassy of India in Venezuela, (37 hours).
· Participant – Going Beyond Instructional Materials in Venezuela, by ‘The US Embassy – Venezuela’ and ‘Venezuela Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages’, (6 hours – June 2016).
· Participant – TESOL International Symposium, by ‘The International Association of Teachers of English to
Speakers of Other Languages’, (8 hours – December 2014).
· Participant – 34th VenTESOL National Convention – by ‘Venezuela Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages’, (16 hours – May 2016).
· Participant – Designing Good Tests, by ‘ASOCIM – Modern Languages Academy’
· Online Course: Blended Learning in Language Teaching – Pete Sharma Associates, (20 hours – May – June 2016)
· Participant – IV Cultural-Academic Encounter of the UPEL Maracay English Department: Stratalent 2013, organized by ‘Pedagogical University of Maracay’ (8 hours – January 2013).
· Course: Círculo lo Realización Personal (18 hours – Mayo del 2015).
· Course: Hubbard Basic Study Manual (20 hours – May 2015).
· Participant – Sixth English for Children Workshop, ‘Pedagogical University of Maracay’, (8 hours – Feb 2015).
· Participant – Reactivating Teacher’s Powers in ELT, organized by ‘Venezuela Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages’, (8 hours – December 2014).
· Participant – Byte-Sized Digital Potential in a World of Possibilities, organized by ‘Venezuela Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages’ (6 hours – August 2014).
· Coordinator – ACCESS Program Summer Camp 2014, organized by the ‘US Embassy in Venezuela’ and ‘CVA’ Center, ‘(32 hours – November 2014).
· Speaker – English Immersion Camp 2014, ‘Pedagogical University of Maracay, (24 hours – June 2014).
· Facilitator – Teaching Yoga for Children, ‘Sadhana Yoga’ Institute, (15 hours – March 2014).
· Facilitator – Working with Focus on Grammar Interactive Platform, ‘ASOCIM – Modern Languages Academy’ (November, 2013).
· Attendee – II Congress on Academic Discourse, UNESCO Literacy Board. (6 hours – October, 2013).
· Participant – Workshop for Prenatal Yoga Instructors, ‘Sadhana Yoga’ Institute. (15 hours – August 2013).
· Participant – Thai Yoga Massage Basic Course, ‘Sadhana Yoga’ Institute. (21 hours – August 2013).
· Participant – Second Workshop for Professional Practice Reflection, ‘Research Center for Early Childhood Education’ (16 hours – February 2013).
· Participant – I Cultural-Academic Encounter of the UPEL Maracay English Department: Stratalent 2013, organized by ‘Venezuela Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages’ (8 hours – January 2013).
· Participant – Activate E-Teacher Program, organized by ‘Venezuela Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages’ (8 hours – December, 2012)
· Collaborator – Fostering Learners Autonomy in EFL Classrooms, organized by ‘Venezuela Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages’ (16 hours – June 2012).
· Attendee – Philosophy, Science, and Education Symposium, organized by the ‘Pedagogical University of Maracay’, (8 hours – June, 2012).
· Collaborator & Participant – Planning, Practicing, and Evaluating Critical Thinking, organized by ‘Venezuela Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages’, (16 hours – June, 2012).
· Participant – English Fluency Workshops 2011, organized by ‘Venezuela Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages’, (32 hours – June, 2012).
· Attendee – First Conference about the Spanish of Venezuela, organized by the ‘Center for Literary and Linguistic Research Dr. Hugo Obregón Muñoz’ (CILLHOM), (8 hours – November, 2011).
· Participant – English Immersion Day, organized by ‘Venezuela Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages’, (10 hours – July, 2011).
· Attendee – Renewal that Comes within Letters, New Linguistics Contributions from the the Spanish Language Academies, organized by the ‘Center for Literary and Linguistic Research Dr. Hugo Obregón Muñoz’ (CILLHOM), (8 hours – February, 2011).
· Participant – Fourth English for Children Workshop in the ‘Pedagogical University of Maracay (12 hours – February, 2011).
· Attendee –Students and Teachers Motivation Strategies, ‘Pedagogical University of Maracay’ (12 hours, 2010).

· Being selected to receive a full scholarship to a one-month SIT TESOL training in Costa Rica (2016)
· Founding ‘Bravo Lingua, C.A.’, online language school (Venezuela, 2015)
· Being promoted as Director (e) of the Modern Languages Academy ‘ASOCIM’, Venezuela.
· Performing three occupations at the age of 26.
· Having collected more than 1.200 hours of professional training in a number of subjects.
· Being selected as TEDxUCNA Speaker at the University of Carabobo, Venezuela.
· Actively supporting different ELT events for the US Embassy in Venezuela.
· Being promoted to Academic Coordinator at “Spanish Connector”, Atlanta.
· First-Class Honours in the 33rdgraduation of English Teachers at the Pedagogical University of Venezuela.
· Being part of the Curriculum Development Team of the first ‘Advanced Course in the Science of Yoga’, issued by the Ashram No. 1 of the Great Universal Brotherhood and the American-Caribbean Study Center (FUNDACELAC) Foundation.
· Getting the position of ‘Guest Services Coordinator’ of the most prestigious Corporate Hotel in the city of Maracay (Hotel Eurobuilding Express – Maracay) at a very young age.
· Serving as an English Teacher in a public, national high school in the middle of my bachelor’s and receiving an Interim offer.
· Being part of the organizing committee of the Animal World March (Maracay) 2011.

§ Activist and volunteer for different environmental, academic, and cultural organizations in my community, such as ‘Sacúdete Maracay’, ‘Platform for Relevant Education’, ‘+ Verde, Digital Newspaper’, ‘VenTESOL’ among others.
§ Pianist at academic and cultural events.
§ Active collaborator of the Civil Association ‘ASOPATICA’
§ Active Collaborator in projects and events, and former member of the ‘Consejo Subalterno’ of the Ashram 1 of the Great Universal Brotherhood.
§ Practitioner and Instructor of Psychophysics Gymnastics and Hatha Yoga.
§ Hiking, biking and Art of Movement (ADD in Spanish).
§ Afiliated to the Venezuelan Teachers of Spanish as SL Association.


  • English Teaching
  • ESL Teaching
  • Language Teaching
  • Physical Education Teaching