Hello. Good day.

I would love the chance to teach English for your great company!

I HAVE OVER 15 YEARS TEACHING EXPERIENCE! I have over 3 years experience teaching English from here in the Philippines.

I am currently in the Philippines with my wife and our 2 children visiting my wife’s family. I am an American, and of course, English is my native fluent language.

I have many years of experience teaching in the united states through my over 20 years experience working for the united states government. I taught various seminars and training programs, for a varied range of topics. So I am experienced teaching. and I have over 2 years experience teaching English here in the Philippines. I have a 5 year college degree (Master equivalent) from the university of Wisconsin, in the USA. I have earned the licensed certificate of CPA. I graduated on the Honor Roll with a 3.68 GPA. my career background is in finance and accounting with the U.S. government where I worked as auditor, finance director, and finance manager. I was an expert in these areas, and taught many seminares and training programs in my areas of expertise. I loved whenever I got the opportunity to conduct a seminar or training program.

I have loved teaching English here in the Philippines, with over 3 years experience!


I am from the united states, but am currently in the Philippines with my Filipino wife and our 2 children. I have over 20+ years of outstanding experience to qualify me for management level jobs in all areas of finance, accounting, audit, budget, treasury, and TEACHING.

I promise you that you will not find a more qualified and dedicated person.

I feel that I can be a valuable asset to any organization, and I will provide great value to that company. I have always added value to the companies that I have worked for. I can provide many examples to demonstrate this upon interview.

I have gained valuable experience as a Financial Manager with the United States Wisconsin Department of Transportation, and also as a Finance Director/Treasurer; as a CFO, as an Audit Manager and CPA Firm Auditor. I am an accounting professional and experienced manager who has an excellent understanding of all aspects of auditing, accounting, budgeting, finance, ERP, spreadsheeting, fraud prevention and detection, contract management, supervision and taxation laws and issues.

I look forward to talking to you soon to discuss.

I will make, and send, a video of me, if you are interested in me teaching for your company. I have attached a business related resume, and a pic of myself.

thank you very much.







June 1996 to 2013

United States

United States Wisconsin Department of Transportation.
December 2007 to 2013

  • Supervision.
  • Accounting and reconciliation and analysis.
  • Budget analysis and monitoring.
  • ERP
  • Spreadsheeting.
  • Contract management
  • Provide professional accounting services and advise to department management and staff.
  • Responsible for the expertise and guidance within the section and to program managers in a wide variety of accounting areas including accounts payable, revenue accounting, encumbrances and appropriations; internal controls; state, federal and local contracts; researching and interpreting project costs; determining federal, state or local shares; receivables and interpreting local, state, and federal agreements and contracts.
  • Direct and supervise the accounts payable Expenditure Accounting Unit, and manage the activities of the Unit.
  • Direct and supervise the unit in revenue accounting and contract management.
  • Manage the operation of systems as they relate to use by the section; evaluate for deficiencies, recommend improvements, request maintenance, and represent the Bureau in system development work.
  • Participate on the management team by providing consultation, analysis, coordination and administrative services.
  • Provide financial information and work with the Legislative Audit Bureau, Department of Administration, Federal Agencies.
  • Maintain proper audit trails and internal controls.
  • My position requires the knowledge of GAAP, Governmental fund accounting principles, statutes, administrative rules, policies and procedures of DOT.

United States City of Evansville, Wisconsin
March 2005 to December 2007

  • Staff supervision.
  • ERP
  • Spreadsheeting.
  • Contract management
  • Financial statement preparation and analysis.
  • Responsible for all accounting and financial reporting functions of the City of Evansville
  • Management and operations of all local, state, and federal, and property taxation issues and matters..
  • Responsible for the financial management of the city, and the water and electric utilities, including preparing the operating and capital budgets of the water and light utilities.
  • Prepares the operating and capital budgets of the city, and its wastewater utility.
  • Responsible for supervising and managing staff in accounting areas of the city and of the water and light utilities.
  • All cash and investment functions of the city, and water and electric utilities.
  • Provides financial and accounting information and analysis.
  • Responsible for ensuring compliance and management of all local, state, and federal, and property laws and issues.
  • Prepares annual budget request for the finance director cost center and other portions of the city budget.
  • Guidance of other department staff in budget, and accounting issues.

United States Wisconsin Department of Revenue
June 1996 to March 2005

  • Staff supervision
  • ERP
  • Spreadsheeting.
  • Audit, and supervise audits, of large sized corporations.
  • Provide assistance and guidance to local governments on taxation issues and matters.
  • Responsible for office and field audit of reports filed by companies with activity in Wisconsin.
  • Administer the Bureau’s field audit program with respect to gross revenue and ad valorem taxation.
  • Conduct professional field audits of taxpayers’ books and records. Prepare comprehensive audit reports and assessment reports.
  • Conduct the annual property tax appraisal of air carrier, pipeline, and railroad companies for Ad Valorem tax assessments.
  • Defend all assessment values on behalf of the Department in cooperation with legal staff.
  • Review current allocation data for possible questions for assessment hearings.
  • Responsible for ensuring compliance and management of all local, state, and federal, and property laws and issues.


Higher diploma, accounting

at University of Wisconsin, United States | Eau Claire, United States

Grade: 3.62 out of 4


Bachelor’s degree, accounting

at University of Wisconsin, United States | eau claire, United States

Grade: 3.68 out of 4

courses: Eau Claire, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, Eau Claire, WI
Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration, MASTERS DEGREE EQUIVALENT
Major: Accounting (Double Major CPA Program)
Passed CPA exam

Activities and Honors: Dean’s List • Honor Roll • Student Accounting Society


  • English Teaching
  • ESL Teaching
  • Math Teaching