I am a passionate English & French Language teacher and administrator with 1 year teaching experience in China. I can teach conversational and written English & French in schools, to individuals of all ages as well as professionals. My sweet little daughter has always been my source of love and inspiration towards kids. I am very tolerant and I know how to listen and help others. Children, especially the little ones usually love me and I naturally bond and connect with them through games, singing, clapping,dancing and by making funny faces to make them smile.


– Excellent mastery of oral and written English.
– Mastery of pedagogic techniques and applications.
– Good dramatist, communicator, actor and humorist.
– Can speak fluent English and French.
– Good student counselor and can solve kid related disagreements.
– Outspoken and charismatic qualities with a clear accent.
– Can create fun with kids and staff in order to maintain administrative ethics.
– Excellent in sports skills and disciplines


– I have great communication skills (a logical, excellent and dynamic communicator and a good listener who is able to attract attention through communicating ideas).
– I am an organized, flexible, responsible and multi-task team player who blooms in a busy, virtual and dynamic environment.
– I am a talented dancer, and I can dance to amuse kids.
– I have talents in the fields of sports, business and hospitality management.
– I can speak, read and write English and French.


– I taught English language to Kindergartens and Primary School Children in RISE English School in Hebei Province for one year in China.


– A Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature obtained from York University, Toronto, Canada.
– An Advanced Level Certificate obtained from the Cameroon GCE Board with Good Grades in diversified number of subjects.
– An Ordinary Level Certificate from the Cameroon GCE Board with Good Grades in diversified number of courses.
– A 120 hours TESOL certificate obtained from OXFORD SEMINARS, Toronto, Canada.

As soon as possible


– Teaching, dancing and Singing.
– Conversation and movies.
– Telling stories and listening to comedies.
– Playing with kids.
– Playing basketball
– Playing football


– RISE English School, Hebei Province, China
– York University, Toronto, Canada.


  • English Teaching