The vast and diverse music experience that has begun from an early age (6 years old, recognized as the city talent), through years of playing in philharmonic orchestra, baroque and classical chamber music, to conducting international orchestras, has guided me to personal discovery and true musical aspirations. At the age of 15, as a member of the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, with Shostakovich’s program at hand, I became keen to 20th century music harmony, and consequently fell in love with conducting and orchestra partiture.

Later on, experiencing instrumental performances on international level (violin, viola, and viola de gamba) and conducting orchestras, I have accumulated an immense collegial and team spirit that boosted my creativity in both group and individual environment.

Venturing to international musical currents of Switzerland, Austria and Germany, I have progressed not only in performing violin and viola, but also, in my orchestral conducting abilities and opera singing acts.

My pedantic approach and success in every field are gratified to my immaculate attention to details. Thus, as a musical investigator, thirsty for success, and willing to benefit from my talent, I have decided to venture out to China, as the country to which I want to contribute my immense experiences in exchange for the study and appreciation of its ancient ethnomusicology.

Stage performance:

Instrumental Performing:

  • Solo Violin
  • Solo Viola
  • Symphonic Violin
  • Symphonic Viola
  • Chamber Violin
  • Chamber Viola
  • Viola de Gamba

Vocal Performance:

  • Opera Singing
  • Baroque Singing
  • Jazz Singing
  • Opera Theatre

Relevant teaching & mentoring skills:

  • Early Music childhood education
  • Making music worksheets & music lesson plans
  • Understanding students their concerns and needs
  • Daily communication with the parents and TAs
  • Students assessments
  • Classroom management
  • Methodology of Violin and Viola
  • Methodology of Theory of Music
  • Methodology of Solfeggio
  • Orchestra Conductor
  • Methodology of History of Music
  • Choir Conductor
  • Opera Vocal Performance Teacher
  • Baroque Technique of Instrumental and Vocal Performance
  • Jazz Singing
  • Opera Theatre Stage Behavior


  • English
  • German
  • Italian



1.2016. – 12.2016.         music teacher, international kindergarten Genius, Shenzhen, China

12.2014. – 12.2015.       music teacher, Academia, Shenzhen, China

5.2008 – 10.2014           1st violin, Symphonic Radio Orchestra Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia.

9.2009 – 9.2014             prof. (violin, choir, orchestra) Josip Slovenski music school, Belgrade, Serbia PART TIME

7.2016. – 12.2016.      music teacher, international school Music Tree, Shenzhen, China

9.2015 – 6.2016.         music teacher, training center Georgia, Shenzhen China

12.2014 – 7.2015.       substitute conductor and music teacher, QSI International School, Shenzhen, China

8.2009 – 5.2014           prof. (solo singing, choir) Kosta Manojlovic music school, Belgrade, Serbia

11.2008 – 5.2014         choir conductor, Kir Stefan Srbin city choir, Belgrade, Serbia

2.2008 – 8.2013           choir conductor, Saint Lucca church choir, Belgrade, Serbia

5.2002 – 3.2012           1ST violin, Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, Belgrade, Serbia

7.2006 – 12.2010         viola de Gambo, Jouculatores Baroque Ensemble, Belgrade, Serbia

1.2006 – 4.2014           chamber singing, Renaissance Chamber Vocal Ensemble, Belgrade, Serbia



1st viola in chamber ensemble Queens, stage performances

Sheraton, Shanghai

Hyatt, Shenzhen

– Movie premiere, Shenzhen

Royal furniture company annual event, Dongguan

– Perfume promotion, Hong Kong

– International Chinese weddings around China (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen…)



Feb. 9 – Feb. 28               viola & orchestra conductor, Violinschule Margareten, Vienna, Austria

March 1 – March 9       opera techniques, Regional Musikshule OZ, Wittenbach, Switzerland



October 15 2013                                    violin performance, Baroque Instrumental Academy, Vienna, Austria

December 23 2013                                opera performance, Galleria Sonja Bäzinger, St. Gallen, Switzerland

March 13 2014                                       opera performance, Ingrid Merz Ouverkerk Galerie, St. Gallen


2009 1st place Young Virtuoso” Chamber Orchestra Competition Belgrade

2008 2nd place “Young Virtuoso” Competition (Viola) Belgrade Belgrade

2005 2nd place Vocal Competition of the City of RumaRuma

2005 2nd place Lazar Jovanovic” Competition Vocal Competition Belgrade

2004 2nd place “National Competition” Solo Vocal competition Belgrade

2002 1st place “Quartet Chamber Orchestra Music” Competition Belgrade1

2002 1st place “National Violin Competition” Student age 7 to 14 Belgrade

2001 1st place “National Violin Competition” Solo Violin Performance, age 7 to 14 Belgrade


  • ESL Teaching
  • Music Teaching
  • Orchestra
  • Violin