Nationality国籍要求 ,无

Numbers Needed所需外教数量,2
Degree 学历要求,本科
Sex Required性别要求,无
Age Required年龄要求(范围),无
Teaching Experience 教学经验(范围),1年以上
Newly graduated students?应毕业届生可以吗?可以
Other Requirement 其他要求口音不要太重

Subject To Teach 教学科目,英语
Teaching Hours per week每周课时,16-20
Office Hours per week每周办公时间,35hours
Working Days per week 每周工作天数,5天
Students’ Age学生年龄,3-15周岁
Class Size班级学生数量,10-12人
Duration of each class 每节课多长时间,1.5H
Contract Length合同时间,一年
Start time外教到岗时间,尽快

Airfare Allowance 机票津贴,10000

About Tony international education



Tony international education originated in the United States, is China's leading brand of children's education, American children aged between 3 and 12 years is dedicated to provide you with pure American children education services.
Tony international children's English, through the epoch-making children education idea, to build the world's most outstanding children's education.Tony all English live-action exploration course, Europe and the real scene of learning environment and communication space, a comprehensive solution to China's English teaching universal "lack of real language environment" and "lack of English practical application and comprehensive ability", train more innovative talents multistage visions and international competitiveness.
In the total immersion English environment, stimulate a child's interest in learning English, English as native language with ease.
Grasp the logic behind language, culture, way of thinking, cultivate their solution actual problem, team cooperation ability and creativity, speech presentation.
Good teaching effect for 90% of the parents continue to choose Tony, and in parents heart gradually built up the image of "expert of American education.