foreign teachers, men and women there is no limit, good image and characteristic, have relevant experience in teaching English or native country foreign teachers are preferred, lively and cheerful affinity, standard English pronunciation, love young children’s English education industry, work positive, serious and responsible, age 40 years old the following, the contract is more than one year.
Job description:
Working time: on Wednesday – on Sunday, work no more than 40 hours a week
Work content: in accordance with the unified arrangement, the school education in prepares a lesson earnestly, according to the teaching material for 3-15 students to teach English well for the kids.
Native country foreign teacher salary: 12000 yuan, provide accommodation not Andy
Non-native countries foreign teacher salary: 10000 yuan, provide accommodation not Andy

About Thomas English

Thomas English comes from the United States, the authentic American English, adopts the theme type, GuShiShi, singing, performing, interactive teaching method, nearly more than 20 countries around the world millions of children are learning English. Thomas
Thomas's Shanghai rivers sand campus in October 2016, the school is located in pudong new area, Shanghai rivers sand, 10 minutes from metro line 2, the subway 40 minutes from the central city, the environment is superior, the school has good prospects for development