1. Degree: Bachelor’s or above
  2. Language: Native English Speaker preferred
  3. Experience: teaching experience in oral English for iELTS or TOEFL is preferred.
  4. Contract Duration: 10 month

Salary package:

  1. Salary: 15,000 RMB per month (negotiable); one month’s probation.
  2. Accommodation: free off campus furniture western style apartment or housing allowance if the apartment provided is not satisfactory.
  3. Meal: on campus dining room (free work lunch & dinner provided)
  4. Holidays: Christmas, Winter break and other legal holidays
  5. End of Contract bonus and Travel Allowance: negotiable

Work load:

Five days a week, six hours a day (including both teaching and office hours) and no more than 20 classes each week.

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About Foreign Language School

Shaoxing Foreign Language School is a non-profitable private school founded by local non-governmental force while under the superintendence of Shaoxing Education Bureau. It offers high school education ranging from Grade Seven to Grade Twelve, and is committed to cultivating outstanding students who aim to attend prestigious universities at home and abroad.

The school is located in No.147, Ma Zhen Road, Shaoxing City, occupying 41.5 acres with 16,039 square meters of housing area. A modern library facilitated with one reading room, several laboratories and language labs and etc are opened to all students for independent learning on our beautiful campus which is also, at the time,  full of humanism atmosphere. In addition, the school possesses not only the first-class teaching facilities, but also a vibrant and experienced team of teachers.

The preparation work for the opening of school was initiated in October, 2014 and the first enrollment began in August, 2015. Totally 12 classes for Grade Seven to Nine and 18 for Grade Ten to Twelve are listed on the enrollment overall plan.

Contact Kim Xie/ Ms. Xie

company address NO.147, Mazhen Road, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing, Zhejiang