1. To perform analysis on the kids’ English teaching online and offline markets.
  2. To participate in developing the kids’ online teaching products based on company strategies.
  3. To scientifically design English contents for English learners of all ages.
  4. To formulate details of English teaching products, examine and revise phraseology of teaching products.
  5. To devise teaching methods and evaluate success of English teaching.
  6. To plan and develop our learning modules based on empirical analysis on ties between internet and teaching.

Job Requirements:

  1. Must thoroughly understand kids’ psychology and possess knowledge of pedagogy. At leeast three-years experience in teaching kids will be prioritized.
  2. Must be enormously interested in online kids’ education and completely grasp user needs.
  3. Must be equipped with a strong awareness of cooperation and communication with coworkers.
  4. Must possess active and critical thinking skills and have initiative to explore questions and outcomes.
  5. Must be born and raised in America. Must have higher educaiton experience and have a standard American accent.
  6. Bachelor’s degree or above is required and majors in English language and literature are preferred.
  7. Must be certified with US teaching credentials, possess a high level of English language and an integrated system of English grammar.

Salary and benefits will be negotiated during the interview process.


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