1. Foreign nationality: Britain, the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand
  2. Age, and gender: Under the age of 50 as per visa requirements
  3. Contract period: 1 year
  4. Education requirement: Bachelor’s degree or above
  5. Number of open positions: 2

Job description:

  1. Teaching hours arrangement: 15 class / 45 minutes/week, no office hours, more than 100 yuan/day a lesson
  2. Course: oral English


  1. Monthly salary: 7000 – 8500 yuan, 100 yuan/day for more than one class
  2. Visa processing: The school can handle work visa processing

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About Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Jiangxi university of traditional Chinese medicine was founded in 1959, is the national administration of traditional Chinese medicine and to build colleges and universities in jiangxi province people's government, doctor's degree authorization unit, appointed by the united front, the state ethnic affairs, the ministry of education in colleges and universities in the west of the counterpart support, "high-level backbone talents of ethnic minorities medical graduate student (prep) based training base".