Job Description:

  • Courses taught:Literature, Music, Math
  • Students’ ages:3-12 years old
  • Students per class:no more than 12 pupils / class
  • Teaching Hours:No more than 25 class hours / week,No more than 14 office hours / week
  • Work Hours: Wed-Fri: 14:00-21:00,Sat-Sun: 9:00-18:00,Mon-Tue: Weekend

Benefits and Salary:

Salary: 12000-15000 RMB /Month

Accommodations are provided

Holidays: Every Monday and Tuesday and holidays as outlined by the Chinese government: New year’s day: 1 day; Spring Festival: 3 days; Tomb-sweeping day: 1 day; Dragon-boat festival: 1 day; Labor’s Day: 1 day; National Day: 3 days; Mid-autumn festival: 1 day; Christmas Day: 1 day; Marriage Leave: 3 days; Funeral leave: 2 days; Annual leave: 5 days after working for one year

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About E-Bloks Education International

E-Blocks brings students’ interaction with software to a new dimension. With E-Blocks children ages 4 to 10, learn English, Spanish, and Math. Children learn with exciting pictures, music, animations, and games that encourage collaborative work and make learning meaningful, successful, and a concrete social experience.

All the programs in the E-Blocks family use a consistent innovative approach to learning. Therefore, the same sensory panel can be used to extend the learning across the curriculum, in subjects like English (ESL and first literacy), Spanish, math, and Portuguese. Furthermore, with the configurator features available in most of the E-Blocks programs, teachers can take E-Blocks into every subject in school curriculum.

Hands on Learning

E-Blocks uses a structured approach that emphasizes learning by doing. By promoting hands-on, direct interaction with the content, E-Blocks encourages children to generate their own set of rules and models, which then become the basis for further learning experiences.

contact:Danny Yang