(1) Foreign nationality: Native English speakers from Europe, America, Australia.
(2) Teacher education: bachelor degree or above, and two years of work experience post graduation.
(3) Ages 24 to 60, any gender.
(4) The contract is for 1 year, with breaks on the Chinese holidays.
(5) the teacher qualification: need to have English teaching certificate (TEFL), professional for the language class.

Job description:

(1) 25 hours a week of working.

(2) Courses to be taught: Super Minds at the university of Cambridge, using original materials

(3) Students age: 6 to 18

(4) Class sizes: small, less than 9 people in each classroom’

(5) Salary is commensurate with experience in the range of 7,500 – 13,000 RMB per month.

contact:Teacher Wang

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