Job Requirements:

  1. Non-native teachers or native teachers accepted
  2. Must hold at least a Bachelor’s degree
  3. Must hold a TEFL, TESOL or equivalent certificate
  4. Must have at least one year of teaching experience post-graduation

Job details:

  1. Teaching around 22 classes every week, about 50 minutes per class.
  2. Have 2 days off on Monday and Tuesday.
  3. Use the Didi dragon teaching system textbooks to teach.
  4. Students are aged between 6-16 years old
  5. No more than 15 students in a class
  6. No office hours


  1. Between 8000-10000 RMB per month based on qualifications
  2. Accommodations are provided for free by the school
  3. Have 2 days off on Monday and Tuesday
  4. Reimburse one way flight ticket after completion of a one year contract
  5. Insurance is provided by the school
  6. Teaching assistants are given to teachers

How to apply :
Please reply to this posting with your resume (with mobile number and email address) / photo / passport / visa / degree/ TESOL or TEFL certificate / reference letter through the site.
Contact: Elena

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