• Foreign nationality: Britain, the United States, Canada

Job description:

  1. Working time: full-time, part-time
  2. Courses: English
  3. Student: age 3 to 18
  4. Class size: about 10 people
  5. Office: full-time, part-time

Salary: negotiable

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About Muse Art Education

Muse Philharrmonic Art Education was founded in 2009, formerly known as Beijing Muse music classroom.
Muse, Spanish Muse, originated from the ancient Greek myth, is in charge of the music, art, literature, goddess.Music is a word comes from this.
Muse philharmonic since its inception, always adhere to the education for this, the good faith the principle of pursuing to popular art education, take the path of community education to educational goals.The past three years the Muse philharmonic's development is rapid, is ocean landscape and surrounding areas to become the largest and strongest faculty, teaching facilities, the optimal training institutions of art.
Muse philharmonic has a elite teachers team, the existing in teachers more than 30 people.Hire has not only the central music college, China conservatory of music, Beijing dance academy, Beijing normal university, and other key national arts, training talents of the colleges and universities, as well as the study in the United States, Russia, Singapore, good bo, master's graduates, more for the central opera house, China YinXie, Marine marching bands, children's palace, comrades ensemble of outstanding teachers, professional art institutions, such as the education level of high quality to provide a guarantee.
Love children, love music, love education!
Muse always adhere to the goal is: let the children accept the most formal art education in the happiness, in the interest of music learning to have a happy childhood.