Title: Elementary School Teacher
Location: Fairfax, VA
Starting Date: Feb. 1, 2017
Salary: 45,000.00
Health Insurance is offered after the probation period ends
Other compensation plan is available
Additional Information:

School Description:
VCA main campus is located in Chesapeake, VA but now we have opened up a branch school in Fairfax, VA as a Classical Christian school offering world-class education for K-12 school students. We teach Math, English, Spanish, Dance, drama, music, and theater while providing cutting edge curriculum and the opportunity for entering into the top 50 USA universities. Classes are taught by some of the most talented instructors and teachers in the state.

As our prospective Elementary School Teacher, you:

• Are willing to “think outside the box” and be open to new models of education.
• Have a passion for education
• Are a strong, dynamic leader and counsellor
• Will conduct yourself in a professional manner in dress, grooming, and communication.
• Are a proactive communicator: you get the word out quickly and effectively.

Why you can be excited to be a part of VCA:

VCA is a fast-growing Collegiate Christian School. We have branched out in other cities like Fairfax, VA. We also have branch schools and collaborative schools in China and India. You could become a major contributor by joining us in its growth and already-occurring and potential greatness. See our website and Facebook page to become excited about the heights VCA has already attained in the past 10 years.

• Bachelor Degree in education
• Teaching Certificate and a minimum of 1 Years Teaching Experience
• Christian School experience would be beneficial
• Directs daily procedures, activities, and discipline for students
• Leads in a manner that ensures excellence, fairness, respect, high morale in your classroom
• Exudes confidence and builds those among students with genuine praise and appreciation
• Knows and becomes an advocate for each student; works with parents and school counselor to ensure each student succeeds
• Regularly meets with School Community Council and Parents
• Becomes a knowledgeable advocate for our unique curriculum, especially in nurturing a passion for success and social contribution.
• Is available to attend meetings and school open houses
• Prepare teaching Plans and present such plans to supervisors and headmaster
• Participates in school major events and outdoor activities
• Safeguards classroom curriculum and artistic material in performances as age-appropriate
• Provides an orderly, controlled environment where learning can take place; fosters a supportive school climate reflecting high morale
• Supports the school and the board
• When needed, travel to Asia for meetings and recruiting tours
• Follows all applicable rules and laws

Only applicants invited to interview will be contacted. Equal Opportunity Employer.
Deadline to submit resume:
Dec. 15, 2016

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