Title: Principal/Headmaster

Location: Fairfax, VA

Salary: 55,000.00 — 80,000.00
Health Insurance is offered after the probation period ends
Other compensation plan is available


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About Veritas Collegiate Academy, Fairfax Campus

School Description:
VCA located in Chespeake, VA is a Classical Christian school offering world-class education for K-12 school students.  We teach Maths, English, Spanish, Dance, drama, music, and theater while providing cutting edge curriculum and the opportunity for entering into the top 50 USA universities. Classes are taught by some of the most talented instructors and teachers in the state.
As our prospective School Headmaster, you:
• Will buttress and enhance student retention rates, engage in general and targeted outreach to prospective students, and be effective at recruiting new students.
• Are a dynamic and inspirational leader—someone who recognizes greatness and capitalizes on it!
• Will set a standard of integrity and character.
• Are willing to "think outside the box” and be open to new models of education.
• Can create workable programs to ensure students’ success in online class pacing and completion; Know how to facilitate academic goal-setting.
• Will help the school prepare and succeed in state testing and ACT or SAT testing.
• Have a passion for education, music, dance,  the arts and their importance in education, the community and the world.
• Are a strong, dynamic public speaker.
• Will delegate effectively and instill your sense of trust in those you lead.
• Will conduct yourself in a professional manner in dress, grooming, and communication.
• Are a proactive communicator: you get the word out quickly and effectively.
• Are motivated by specific, targeted, timely, and challenging goals.
• Are willing to work under the authority of the VCA Governing Board, yet will feel empowered to use your own experience, innovation, and enthusiasm to attain the Board’s goals and vision.
• Can really SELL the school and BROADCAST its excellence: small academic classes; excellent faculty;  colonial dance; brilliant theater  performances; strong sport programs and competitions, students and teachers who travel to Europe and Asia and compete professionally, nationally and internationally.