Job Description:

  1. Prepare classes with PPT’s based on the local teacher’s requirements.
  2. Complete a range of classes including review lessons, cooking, art and craft and open classes. (Parents will watch open classes to help provide feedback for the teachers and to see the progress of the students)
  3. Practice classes in front of the other teachers to help with new ideas and teaching methods.
  4. Actively cooperate with outside activities organized by the Marketing Department


  1. Working Hours: 35 hours per week (15 hours of teaching and 20 hours for office preparation) spread over 5 days (two days  off)
  2. Salary: 8000-10000RMB per month
  3. Housing: A housing allowance of 1500RMB per month will be provided. If you choose to share with another foreign teacher, the school will cover all costs needed for housing.


Contact Teacher Chen

contact phone 13934542708


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About Rainbow box

Rainbow box is Committed to develop kids’  inner quality features of theEnglish for2-14-year-old teenager.we introduced the CENGAGE LEARNING courses education publishing group authority In 2005, General English course is follow the international school an d we add Into the psychology method for our class.It can stimulate teenagers long-term interest in learning an d development potential effectively.Language education experts research the course again in 2011,They blend in domestic education outline into Rainbow box.It can help children to adapt to the domestic test requirements.Not only children can learn English very happy, but also they can get good grades.Let children own sunny character an d the excellent grade. we are advocating honesty between colleagues in rainbow box,and the common development of enterprises an d employees.Rainbow box has played an important role during exploring the development of kid′s education in China . We are gathered a group of the aspiring person who are good at business,management an d professional knowledge.On the premise of enterprise development an d personal development goals,We advocate the respect for individual development,Provide employees with a broad platform for the sustainable development,Create a fair competition environment an d provide the space of study.Welcome to join in us, let’s realize the dream together, create our own future an d creat the future for Rainbow box!In 2015, Rainbow box is the " five-star school" in Taiyuan.