1. Native English speaker preferably American or British.
  2. Male teacher preferred.
  3. Bachelor’s degree or above required.
  4. Enthusiasm and engagement in teaching
  5. It is important to be able to show compassion and to have a sense of responsibility.

Job description:

  1. Working time: 31 hours per week
  2. Courses: English
  3. Student age: 3-12
  4. Class size: 8-10
  5. Office: 31 hours per week

Salary is 13,000 RMB per month

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About NanTong Rayo English


Rayo2016 was set up in early years young brand, we aim to help 3-12 years old children love English school.By professional foreign teachers and Chinese ta through games, songs and dances, scene simulation, and began to try to interesting activities such as the child take the happy journey of learning English.School district in the mall, but our teaching hardware is rich, is also more and more students, now through introducing the mediation has a foreign teacher.