1. Can teach in English and ensure the quality of instruction.
  2. Can work as a teaching assistant for the foreign teachers.
  3. Proficiency in office software, and capable of independently designing coursework.
  4. Track students’ learning progress through telephone teaching, daily communication, and so on. Provide parents with excellent teaching service and feedback.
  5. Do the routine maintenance and management of classrooms and teaching aids.

Entry-level Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or above; (English, Education, Drama, relevant work experience or study abroad experience will be considered)
  2. Standard oral English proficiency, strong literacy;
  3. Loves children, and having is interested in pursuing a career in English and Drama education;
  4. Willing to accept new ideas of education and modes of teaching
  5. Warm and cheerful, lively and generous;
  6. Good personal image and attitude;

We also welcome excellent graduates who are willing to apply themselves to an educational career. Please join us.

Contact Name:mandy

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