Do you love to display your English language talent? Are you an English education expert? Our exclusive and interesting “drama teaching method” is adopted to promote students’ English learning to create a comprehensive and dynamic system of education!

Job Description:

  1. Must be a native English speaker, oral English proficiency, standard pronunciation, and can effectively teach in the English language;
  2. Some children’s English teaching experience or teaching certifications is preferred.
  3. Good at performing, love music and playing; Be confident, kind, warm, cheerful;
  4. Must have a strong learning ability, can quickly grasp the latest international teaching patterns and methods to provide a comprehensive education system to the students (We pay for international teaching methods training and job training);
  5. Strong work initiative, problem solving and good communication ability;
  6. A sense of responsibility and team consciousness; Have long term stability.

Job requirements:

  1. To employ our “Drama teaching method” to teach students of various ages English
  2. To be able to control a classroom while delivering quality lessons
  3. Must have a bachelor’s degree or above


Salary is 7k RMB per month

There are 6 openings for this position.

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