Job Description

The Teacher agrees to teach and conduct the work assigned by or under the authority of the School diligently and faithfully, as would reasonably be required of a teacher, during the period of employment specified in this agreement, and to perform such duties and teach such subjects as may from time to time be assigned by the Principal,including the following:

(ⅰ)Become thoroughly familiar with the curriculum for each assigned subject area within the grade or grades assigned to him/her;

(ⅱ)Maintain detailed weekly/daily lesson plans;

(ⅲ)Set up and prepare the classroom and educational environment in advance of each teaching session;

(ⅳ)Prepare progress reports on each student at regular intervals as specified by the Principal;

(ⅴ)Perform supervision duties as assigned by the Principal at places such as the school’s playgrounds,sports facilities, halls, lunch areas before or after school and during school hours.

(ⅵ)Assume responsibility for the social and emotional welfare of students in the school;

(ⅶ)Participate in activities organized to benefit students, parents and colleagues of CLS;

(ⅷ)Maintain and develop computer skills which are adequate to use the School’s equipment and software for administrative and educational purposes appropriate to the curriculum needs of the students for whom the Teacher is accountable.

(ⅸ)Enforce the School rules and policies.

(ⅹ)Adhere to the School’s Code of Professional Conduct;

(Xi)To plan and conduct co-curricular or extra-curricular activities to meet the needs and interests of the students including sponsoring a team with or without an outside coach;

(xii)To attend all activities called by the Principal including, but not limited to , meetings, team planning and computer training.

(xiii)To participate in and present professional development activities when requested by the Principal;

(xiv) To develop and implement an Annual Professional Growth Plan which is reflective of goals and objectives based on an assessment of area(s) of needs by the teacher and Principal. These goals and objectives will show a demonstrable relationship to The Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument and take into account the education plan of CLS;

(xv)To actively promote a positive colleague relationship with all members of the staff.

– Bachelor degree or above ( Degree in Education will be preferred)
– TEFL or TESOL necessary
– at least 2 years of teaching experience
– A teacher licence will be preferred.

-Monthly payment 18000-21250;
– housing allowance provided
– Airport pick up service


About CIEO

(CIEO) is a diversified, international, high-end educational brand. Since its foundation in May, 2000 CIEO has gone into partnership with a number of professional educational organizations in Canada and the United States with a focus on supplying advanced international materials and techniques for basic education and English training to both Chinese and international children.
Over 10-plus years of elaborate cultivation in the field of international education, CIEO has established solid cooperative relationships with the Canadian government including the Canadian consulate in China and the local chamber of commerce.  CIEO is also in proud cooperation with Guangzhou education administrative authorities at various levels. CIEO promotes educational and cultural communication actively through Sino-Canadian models of school operations in educational departments, schools, teacher training, curriculum evaluation, student exchanges and degree certifications.